Saturday, 2 May 2015

.....Watch this space

I have no excuses for my long term absence, apart from enjoying a lovely yet busy few months with my man, starting a new role in marketing, spending a wonderful weekend in Milan and moving into our perfect little house! 

                                                     Only part of Milan's beauty
Having been distant from the world of fashion and beauty for sometime now, I've decided to explore a new avenue in which I can maintain my passion for creativity but also re-develop forgotten skills from many moons back. 
Just over a decade ago (scary thought!) saw the finale of my uni years, during which I drank way too many skittle bombs, attended a stream of awesome house parties and some how found the time to achieve a degree in fashion! I struggle to remember how on earth I managed to pass a challenging syllabus, involving varying content from concept development, designing an entire collection of fashionable (at the time!) clothes to drawing garment patterns and then producing each item from scratch. 
So....with these half forgotten but somewhat cherished memories I've decided to venture into a little project I've been contemplating for a this space to find out more! 

Teeny hint for those who are curious - todays birth of Britain's princess is quite fitting. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Unexpected beauty uses for coconut oil...

The health benefits of coconuts are becoming more and more well known as stores introduce new ranges of the health drink - Coconut Water. This refreshing drink contains nutritious properties galore helping to improve our insides, but what about our outsides? Can this 'dry drupe' (aka coconut) assist us in keeping our hair, nails and skin in fab condition too?

Coconut Oil is widely available from supermarkets and health food stores. Due to its wide variety of uses you'll most likely to find this hero buy amongst the cooking ingredients! I've listed 4 quality brands that will help you pull off the following beauty tips perfectly....

1. Makeup Remover
Applying Coconut Oil directly to your face will melt all makeup away in an instant, even the most stubborn waterproof mascara can be swiped away using a cotton pad followed by a warm cloth.

2. Body Moisturiser
Mix a blob of Coconut Oil with your daily body lotion and apply it to any irritating dry patches. This DIY potion will seep into your skin and leave it beautifully soft and smooth.

3. Lip Balm
Adding Coconut Oil to a small jar or tin is an ideal way of creating a yummy scented lip balm. Keep the product semisolid at room temperature and it'll be sure to keep your pout looking pucker!

4. Frizz Tamer
Smooth down your frizzy barnet by rubbing a penny size blob of Coconut Oil between your palms. Maintain flyaway's and add shine by smoothing your hair down from the middle to the ends of your locks. 

5. Night Cream
Coconut Oil contains antioxidants and maximum moisturising benefits - brilliant at softening fine lines and wrinkles. Apply as a night cream as a special treatment for your skin.

6. Cuticle care
Rub Coconut Oil into your cuticles to soften them and push back gently using an orange stick. Apply as an intensive hand cream as well if your hands are suffering from dryness.

7. Exfoliate
If you're suffering from lacklustre skin, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with Coconut Oil and massage into wet skin using circular motions for glowing gorgeous skin.

8. DIY Face Mask
Spoon honey and Coconut Oil into a bowl and mix. Slather onto your face to benefit from a great antibacterial and hydrating home made mask.

I'd love to know what you think of these handy tips. Which ones did you try? Were they a success? Please leave me a comment below : )

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Top 6 favourite things about Christmas!

The Christmas countdown is seriously on and if you're anything like me you'll be super excited! To celebrate this festive time, I've popped together my absolute favourite things about Christmas....

1. Xmas trees
I’m sure we are all putting our Xmas trees up earlier and earlier each year! 
But hey, why not! It means we get to cherish our beautifully decorated trees for even longer.

In piccy: My lovely friend Lucy gets into the festive spirit, helping decorate her mum's tree.

2. Yummy drinks!
There's just a day left to be in with a chance of winning one of Baileys Chocolat Luxe 12 days of Xmas giveaways! Simply enter by clicking here 
The gold-themed prizes include designer shoes, watches, beauty products, bags and the overall star prize - a unique gold ring designed by the amazing jewellery designer Karl Karter
The rings are 16 carat gold, feature rich brown diamonds and sparkling whiskey sapphires, worth a whopping £1000 each.

3. Snow
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… I know I would love it to snow on Christmas day – nothing nicer than a family walk in the fresh snow after a belly full of food.
The Bookies have given a 4 to 1 chance of snow this year, so I'm still hoping - snow dance anyone!?

4. Mulled wine
Or should I say Gluhwein as the Germans call it. My lovely friend Sam and I drank many a glass in Berlin – our excuse was it kept us warm!

5. Christmas Jumpers!
I saw many of you looking joyful in your festive fashion piece on Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day (12th December) - let the fun carry on and wear your cool yet cosy knitwear until it's time to adorn your party piece for New Years Eve.
Jumper, £35, Iska @ Debenhams

6. Christmas markets
A weekend away in the wonderful city of Berlin was seriously the best way to welcome the merry month of December.  Berlin’s traditional Christmas markets were beautifully decorated with fairy lights galore. As you took a slow wander amongst the wooden huts, cooking aromas of sizzling sausages and freshly fried doughnuts were indescribably mouth-wateringly yummy, you couldn't help but feast on all these wonderful delights.

What are your favourite things about Christmas and why? Please pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

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